Instructions For the Use of YuanRukang 800

[Major Component]:Protease enzyme, cellulose enzyme, Lonicera japonica Thumb , Forsythia suspensa, angelica sinensis , astragalus mongholicus, and etc..

[Properties]: Light yellow with fermented scent.

[Product Analysis Value]: Protease enzyme activity (U/g) > 3000 Cellulase enzyme activity (U/g) > 1500 Aflatoxin B1, ug/kg < 0.1 Arsenic, mg / kg ≤ 3.0  Lead, mg/kg < 10.0
Cadmium, mg/kg < 0.5 Escherichia coli, (CFU/100g) < 3000
Salmonella should not be detected.

[Positive Effects]:

1. Milking routine can be done while receiving treatment! For mild first-stage mastitis, cure takes place in 2-3 days. Withdrawal period not needed. Milk is completely safe, drug-free, and fit for consumption.
2. Reduces swelling quickly! For secondary-stage mastitis, swelling softens in 1-2 days.
3. Low reccurence rate!
4. Increases milk production! Promotes proper blood circulation, quickly increases the amount of milk after healing, most often, exceeding previous milk production.
5. For severe cases of mastitis, treatment cycle takes 3-7 days, more effective when paired with antibiotics.

[Application Scope]: Dairy Cows

[Usage and Dosage]: Administration/Formulation: Once a day, 3 bags each time, for the first two days, then 2 bags per day thereafter. Each bag should weigh no less than 5L.
[Net Content]: 250g/bag
[Shelf Life] 18 months
[Storage and Transportation]: Precautions for safe storage should be taken. Products should be stored in a cool, well-ventilated, and dry place, avoiding sunshine or rain. During transportation, damage to the packaging should be prevented and harmful substances should not be mixed with them.

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