Lab Reports

This experiment was conducted for a first-stage/degree mastitis.

Dairy Cow No. 102# , lactation 190 days, milk volume 33 kg, 102 cows, 190 days of lactation, milk 33 kg, a rear left breast mammary inflammation, visible milk flocculation, no symptoms of pain and swelling.

On the day the infection started, milk flakes were visible to the naked eye. Three packs of Yuanrukang were administered all at once.
On the second day (13 hours after the first medication), milk flakes/clots became smaller and the milk was thinner. Three packs of Yuanrukang were administered for the second time.
On the third day since the onset of the infection (48 hours after experimentation), milk flakes were hardly observable the naked eyes. CMT test results were 3 +, 3 packs of Yuanrukang were administered for the third time.
After three times of oral administration, the treatment was discontinued. The results of the fifth day’s routine examination showed that there were no longer milk flakes/clots visible the naked eye. The results of CMT test were +.

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